Wallpaper Guide

Bringing style

Hanging my wallpaper designs in your home is (of course!) a very stylish way to add colour and vibrance to your home. 

If you're an enthusiastic DIYer take a look at my installation advice below. If you're unsure I recommend hiring a professional decorator to measure and install your wallpaper, and feel free to contact me for further advice.


Your wall should be clean, dry and smooth. It should be free of any flecks or residue from old paper and any flaking paint should be removed.

If you need to wash your walls use a light coloured cloth and a bucket containing warm water, eco dish soap and a dash of white vinegar.

Fill any cracks or dents with Auro multi filler 329 or another suitable filler. Prime bare plaster with Auro plaster primer 301.

For best results I recommend priming your walls, Little Greene's wall primer sealer is water based and environmentally friendly.


If you need to, pre cut strips to your wall height and pattern repeat.

Wet the back of the paper with a sponge and wait 10 minutes.

Apply paste (why not try Little Greene's wallpaper paste) using a brush.

Book the paper and leave for 10 minutes to acclimate. Don't stack booked strips, the added weight could cause creases.

Paste the acclimated strip on to the wall using a wallpaper smoother to push out air pockets or bubbles. Move on to your next strip.

After approximately 20-30 minutes, as the wallpaper paste begins to set, roll the seams lightly using a seam roller. Avoid excessive pressure with the seam roller to maintain an even amount of paste behind the paper.